It’s a Lifestyle

Kareen “Coco” Linton’s talents are not limited to just food and fashion, her style also flows into setting atmospheres. Whether it’s lending her creativity to clothing, food or indoor/outdoor spaces her attention to detail brings it all to life. Below are just a few of the spaces where her influence can be felt.
A Chef that can also set an incredible atmosphere. While working on a decorating project in Orlando, Florida, Chef Coco couldn’t help herself. This is what happens when your decorator is also a chef. Stay tuned for more for her Orlando project.
Living on the edge while transcending in air is what influenced her to create this table. It’s the perfect size for a smaller space, but adds lots of personality.
Out for lunch at the Tampa Club and adding a pop of color with own designed halter top and a vintage inspired mini trunk. One of her great fines!  
This lamp is the perfect accessory to add structure, height and most of all it gives great illumination to any space. Coco truly makes a statement with her chic and sophisticated accessories. 

The Tampa Skyline and her staging on the patio is the perfect backdrop for A Dash of Coco’s wine and horderves vintage basket for one.