A Dash of Coco LLC.

Kareen “Chef Coco” Linton, was born on the island Barbados and was raised in Brooklyn, New York from the age of nine. Kareen was introduced to great food at a very early age in Barbados, by her Aunt Day and Grandmother Catherine. She was also surrounded by fashion design, by Phylis and art by artist Slyvan Kinch, who are both the children of Aunt Day. They all have been huge inspirations and ignited her passion for the arts. That passion was further developed when she moved to Brooklyn with her family. New York became the perfect backdrop for displaying all of her creativity. He mother, Una Linton, who was a chef, further imparted a deeper passion for creating great food. Since the passing of her mother last year, Kareen feels the torch has been passed on to her.

A Lifestyle of Food & Fashion

She will continue to let food, fashion and the arts be her vehicle for inspiring the world. Kareen “Chef Coco” Linton, is the Founder and President of, A Dash of Coco LLC. based in downtown, Tampa. The company brings the worlds of food and fashion together.

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Latest News

Kareen Linton adds Author to her repertoire with her first book called,

“Turn Your Sours into Sweets!”

Purchase a copy for yourself by clicking on the button below.

Chef Kareen Linton – Culinary Journey is About More Than Food

As CEO/founder/executive Chef of The Linton Group LLC, Linton has been garnering major attention and accolades..
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Food is Her Vehicle

Award winning chef with lots of culinary flair. She’ll be sharing her passion for the culinary field during a tour of Paris & Lyon, France in 2020
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Barbados Conduit

The event was catered by The Linton Group LLC, which is run by President, CEO and Executive Chef Kareen Linton, whose long list of culinary accolades… Read More

Business Chef Podcast

Chef Kareen “Coco” Linton is a dynamic and award winning chef. Listen in now as we learn how to overcome adversity and turn your passion into an incredible career. Read More


What People are Saying

"Chef Linton is a wellspring of talent! She infuses effortless creativity
and a Dash of Coco that takes everything she touches to the next level. She is a class act!"

Tirrell Anthony, Director of Talent Acquisition SHRM-CP

"As an educator Kareen “Chef Coco” Linton teaches the importance of branding yourself, honing
your skills, networking, and presentation. Most of all, recognizing your true value."

U. Zach, CEO, Taste of Richness LLC, Atlanta, GA.

“I had the pleasure of working with a true “Lady Boss”…Chef, Designer and Educator Kareen “Coco” Linton.
She is the ultimate change agent, diva, go-getter, trendsetter, professional, creative,
passionate, bold, transparent, mentor to many, and the list goes on and on”

Miriam Guillory
CEO/Staffing Gap, LLC